ACP Applied Products supplies and installs linings for primary and secondary containment across a variety of sectors and according to desired specifications.

Common applications include:

  • pad lining (hot mix asphalt can be applied on top of the liner)
  • storage of products and byproducts
  • containment in salt sheds
  • tank farm liners
  • lining of sulphur / sour water tanks for oilfield
  • concrete foundation walls

ACP can provide lining services for any type of containment tank. Our range of liners are resistant within pH 2-9, and durable enough to allow heavy equipment on it once installation is complete. Our products can also seal to virtually any surface.

  • Coletanche: Bituminous geomembrane for waterproofing civil engineering structures

    Coletanche is a bituminous geomembrane offering customized and high-performance solutions in environmental protection, infrastructure construction, and hydraulics. ACP Applied Products lays and welds Coletanche for the optimal solution in varied applications. Read More...

  • Firestone EPDM-R Geomembrane

    Firestone GeoGard™ EPDM, is a single-ply synthetic rubber waterproofing membrane that is fish and plant-friendly. It is composed of ethylene – propylene – diene terpolymer, mixed with carbon black, curing agents and processing aids. Read More...

  • PetroGard ™ by MPC Containment

    The PetroGard™ series of products are the most durable and cost effective material for fuel containment in the industry. Read More...