For improved skid resistance and texturing on both rural or urban roads, consider ACP Applied’s mircrosurfacing service.

With excellent micro – and macro – texture characteristing, microsurfacing restores the frictional properties of your road, even on polished concrete pavements.

With three different sizes of aggregate, ACP can provide microsurfacing for roads of varying intensity traffic flow. These aggregates are hard and polish-resistant, making them perfect for restoring the frictional properties of the road. Microsurfacing is great for:

  • Surface Texturing
  • Improved skid resistance
  • Rut-filling
  • Sealing and protecting the pavement surface

A cut above traditional oil and sand slurry seals, the maximum size of the microsurfacing aggregate is greater than for traditional slurry seals of oil and sand. Microsurfacing can be applied on chip seals, hot mix asphalts, or concrete pavement. Unlike gravel and chip seals, microsurfacing leaves the finished surface with the deep black texturing of a pristine, freshly-laid road.