When paving is reaching the end of its useful lifespan, ACP Applied can repave the road using an eco-friendly and cost-effective technique known as cold in-place recycling.

CIR accomplishes many things:

  • Total pavement resurfacing and rehabilitation
  • Create a new interlaying layer utilizing the old surface
  • Reverse the effects of severe surface problems such as potholes, rutting and cracking
  • Destroys existing crack patterns


How it’s done.

After core samples are taken from the road and tested to determine the right materials to be used during rehabilitation, the existing road surface is pulverized. By removing the first two to five inches of a current road service and grinding it down, we create a specifically-sized aggregate ready for mixing with a rejuvenating asphalt emulsion. Because the process uses no heat, there are no noxious fumes or pollution, making CIR friendlier to the environment than many other processes and creating a safer environment for the road construction workers.

Because the existing road is a viable source of paving material, CIR is beneficial in many ways:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cost effective (no purchasing and trucking new aggregate)
  • Overall labour costs are greatly reduced
  • Energy efficient (no heating or hauling)
  • Bridge clearances and curb heights remain the same
  • Safer for the road crew

For more information about how cold in-place recycling can be put to use to help salvage your roads in an economically and environmentally friendly way, check out the video below, or better yet, contact us.