Coletanche is a bituminous geomembrane offering customized and high-performance solutions in environmental protection, infrastructure construction, and hydraulics. ACP Applied Products lays and welds Coletanche for the optimal solution in varied applications.

Manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified plant, Coletanche has composite layers that provide strength and protection beginning with the anti-root film and a glass mat that contributes to tensile strength. Next, a non-woven geotextile provides mechanical resistance to punctures and tears; then, a specially designed bituminous binder (NTP or ES) provides waterproofing and chemical resistance. As a top surface, an applied “sanding” provides greater friction with overlaying soils contributing to better stability.

The Coletanche range of products is now available in wider rolls to facilitate a greater diversity of applications and to reduce the number of seams. The range includes:

Coletanche NTP: Based on oxidised bitumen, this conventional product line has four different grades: NTP 1 through to NTP 4.

Coletanche ES: This elastomeric bitumen product line has three different grades for specific environments: ES 1 through ES 3.

The flexibility of Coletanche enables it to adapt to any ground contour and to absorb differential settlement. Coletanche can support ballast, hot asphalt mix, and many other materials without special protection.

The range of Coletanche products and their attributes allow a diversity of applications including environmental, infrastructure, or hydraulic applications. Coletanche, with its ability to remain watertight for many years, makes it the optimal solution for waste containment and for providing effective protection from leaching of contaminants to the surrounding environment. Coletanche prevents root invasion, degradation caused by chemicals and biological agents, and performs in aggressive chemical environments.

The flexibility and resistance qualities of Coletanche make it the ideal solution for waterproofing water systems of any type: water reservoirs, fire protection, ponds, canals, fish farms, ditches, dams and ornamental lakes. Coletanche can be used in conjunction with concrete, gabions or rocks.