Reinforcing railway subgrades and ballasts is another in the full suite of services that ACP Applied provides.

As trains rumble along their tracks, they create vibrations that cause fines to migrate upwards and result in wear in the rails and sleepers, which in turn ages the ballast, top course and subgrade.

To protect railway tracks from this wear, and to guard the foundation against seepage, a reinforced geomembrane can be applied. Our superior line of geomembranes protect the railway foundation, helping to ensure good track performance – even in areas with sensitive soils and difficult working conditions.

Tests have shown that non-reinforced geomembranes are often punctured and leak, or become deformed and sag – forming a depression, or gap, where rainwater collects. Our products can withstand sharp stones from the ballast, without compromising watertightness.

ACP Applied is often chosen for railway protection projects because our membranes offer:

  • Substantial thickness compared to other membranes
  • High resistance to puncture
  • Proven in-service record in railway applications
  • Positive friction characteristics
  • Potential for installation automation
  • High tensile strength

Our membranes can be applied during the construction of new tracks, or during the maintenance of older tracks. ACP Applied Products is highly experienced with the application process for railway projects, and can handle even the most challenging project requirements.

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