As environmentally-sensitive projects that demand exceptional products, both public and private landfill sites can benefit from ACP Applied’s bottom liner and capping services.

Providing a custom fit for every size of project and for any and all requirements is the priority for our expert installers. We have years of experience with landfill liners and caps, and our superior products are durable and long-lasting, and can stand up to rigorous landfill requirements.

Based on your needs, we have liner options that can last for years even when left exposed to UV rays. ACP Applied can provide an effective barrier that is highly resistant to biological agents such as microbial action, micro-organisms or bacteria. Additionally, we have products with layers specifically designed to protect from penetration by tree roots or rodents.

As an additional benefit, we have a product option that doesn’t require sand protection layers, thereby creating cost-savings when aggregate sources are scarce. Our products are often used to protect stored industrial or municipal waste (chromates, potash, sulphur, MSW), to cover tips, and even to contain low activity nuclear waste.

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