Gravel seals are a means of protecting low volume gravel roads and extending their service life.

ACP uses an emulsion-based dust suppressant to create a protective gravel seal for your road. With single, double-layered, or fiber-reinforced gravel seal, ACP Applied can provide the precise service you need.

Gravel seals use a non-washed, graded aggregate set into a high float emulsion to create a wearing course for your road. This can be applied in either a single, double, or fibre-reinforced layer, depending on your situation.

Although gravel seals don’t add structural integrity to a gravel road, they are help protect against water infiltration and reduce stresses on the road. They also reduce the need for regular maintenance, creating significant cost savings over the life of the road.

In addition to effectively eliminating the need for everyday grader maintenance, gravel seals provide:

  • No washboarding or rutting due to erosion
  • Improved texture
  • Surface stability
  • Increased skid resistance
  • Increased travel speed
  • Dust suppression
  • Reduced maintenance costs