In addition to helping keep Canadian agriculture bountiful, canals play an crucial role in conveying water to regional and municipal water storage for household and industrial use.

Safely moving water across the countryside is critical to irrigating Western Canada’s many acres of farmland and keeping crops growing and livestock healthy.

ACP applies its expertise and experience to protecting waterways and canals across Western Canada.

  • Earthen canals
  • Concrete canals
  • Irrigation canals
  • Recreational canals
  • Cooling channels
  • Navigational canals

As concerns about water quality and industrial water use become more pronounced, it’s becoming more important than ever to ensure that water is being conveyed safely and efficiently. ACP Applied’s geomembranes are perfect for lining canals and other waterways. We have a range of products that are suitable for different needs and project specifications.

  • Coletanche: Bituminous geomembrane for waterproofing civil engineering structures

    Coletanche is a bituminous geomembrane offering customized and high-performance solutions in environmental protection, infrastructure construction, and hydraulics. ACP Applied Products lays and welds Coletanche for the optimal solution in varied applications. Read More...