ACP Applied brings years of engineering and geomembrane technical expertise to its dam projects.

We install a range of waterproof geomembranes depending on the project specifications, whether it be for new applications or upgrading upstream or impervious facings on earth-fill or rock dams. They can be used for virtually any dam application, including:

  • Water storage dams
  • Upstream face waterproofing
  • Concrete dams

Having worked on several high-profile, large-scale dam applications, ACP has proven itself, with products that have greater flexibility and ease of installation than traditional clay core and facing construction, while providing the superior frictional properties required for dam stability. Let ACP Applied’s team of engineering and geomembrane experts help you protect your dam and embankments from erosion and seepage with one of our waterproofing liners.

  • Coletanche: Bituminous geomembrane for waterproofing civil engineering structures

    Coletanche is a bituminous geomembrane offering customized and high-performance solutions in environmental protection, infrastructure construction, and hydraulics. ACP Applied Products lays and welds Coletanche for the optimal solution in varied applications. Read More...