Minimizing dust on low-volume and gravel roads can extend the service life of the road and reduce safety concerns by improving visibility and air quality at work sites.

ACP Applied dust control services are used on road surfaces, parking lots, rails, construction sites, quarries, and mine access roads.

Keeping road dust under control has many advantages:

  • Reduced maintenance labour costs
  • Significant savings from limiting the amount of replacement gravel required
  • Improved road stability
  • Reduced mud during rain
  • Improved visibility, air quality, and safety

ACP Applied’s dust control emulsions provide all these benefits. Our spray emulsions bond to the road surface, helping to suppress dust and keep out water. They are also low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), making ACP Applied Dust Control and environmentally conscientious choice.

One of our solutions is Dust-A-Side, an environmentally-friendly and extremely effective dust control product. Features of Dust-A-Side include:

  • Great for use on haul roads and rural roads
  • Allows the savings of up to 90% of water normally used to control dust
  • No down time – production continues as normal
  • Spray, Spread, Compact application
  • Road surfaces become less slippery and more stable in all conditions
  • The product does not leach out, increasing effectiveness
  • Non toxic and non-flammable
  • RSA braking approved
  • 75% reduction in grader fleet numbers required for haul roads
  • Less wear on tires and greater fuel efficiency