When you need a quality guard rail installation, ACP can provide the quality service you need. Our team can provide expert W-Beam or Thrie beam installation, repair and maintenance.

Post installation is an important consideration when installing a guard rail. ACP Applied can perform either traditional auger and back-filling for wooden post installation or post pounding of I-beams.

Steel I-beam posts have many benefits over their wooden counterparts:

  • Improved durability
  • Faster installation with proper post-pounding equipment
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Better value – ACP can often install this superior product for the same price as wood posts, providing better value for the same money.

Guard rails are not only important for lane control and division, but are also an integral part of bridge construction. Considered part of the bridge during inspection, guard rails must transition to bridge rails to pass. This means that as an alternative to cable barrier, guard rails are an integral part of bridge construction.

Crash-worthy end treatments vary.