For an extremely tough gravel seal, ACP Applied provides FiberMat, a fiberglass reinforced stress absorbing membrane that provides increased tensional strength, and improved flexibility.

FiberMat technology can be deployed on both paved and gravel roads, maximizing road performance and minimizing maintenance costs.

Although gravel seals don’t add structural strength to the road, they resist and shed water, protecting the road from deterioration and preserving the strength of the existing structure. FiberMat application on gravel roads may require a double-coat to ensure effectiveness.

FiberMat uses chopped fibreglass strands sandwiched between two layers of emulsion to create a stress absorbing membrane that adds tensile strength to the seal coat, extending the life of the seal and reducing maintenance costs.

ACP Applied can provide the engineering expertise to properly design your fiber reinforced gravel seal, and the experience to ensure an excellent application.