We install only the highest quality geomembrane liners to ensure not just environmental safety but also public health.

ACP Applied’s services are excellent for both industrial and municipal water storage or wastewater management.

  • Primary and secondary water storage in cooling ponds
  • Treated and untreated water storage for municipalities
  • Stormwater retention ponds
  • Permanent sewage lagoons and settling ponds

ACP provides a range of top-quality geomembrane liners to suit different water / wastewater needs. In addition to linings for water storage, ACP Applied provides expert canal lining services.

  • Coletanche: Bituminous geomembrane for waterproofing civil engineering structures

    Coletanche is a bituminous geomembrane offering customized and high-performance solutions in environmental protection, infrastructure construction, and hydraulics. ACP Applied Products lays and welds Coletanche for the optimal solution in varied applications. Read More...