Realizing the large investment in parking lots, ACP Applied has developed a number of custom solutions for Parking Lot Maintenance. While many of the products are common to all asphalt pavements, parking lots require right sized equipment and specialized expertise to get the largest return for your maintenance dollars.

ACP Applied’s Parking Lot Maintenance services include: 

  • Microsurfacing to reduce raveling, oxidization, water infiltration, improve skid resistance and fill ruts
  • Crack treatment including hot and cold pours and spray patching
  • Minor asphalt repairs
  • Sweeping
  • Line Painting 
    • quality paint
    • durable plastic 
    • skid resistant surfaces

Whether applied to road surfaces, bridge decks, bike trails or pedestrian crossings, ACP Applied offers the specific solutions you need for your pavement preservation. Add our thorough knowledge of proper application methods and extensive engineering experience, and you have a company that is able to finish pavement preservation jobs quickly, thoroughly and without complications.