ACP Applied Products will be working in various areas throughout the Town of Stony Plain applying Micro-Surfacing and hot pour crack seal treatments. Micro-surfacing is a preventative maintenance treatment consisting of polymer modified asphalt emulsion, aggregate, and cement powder that will extend the life of your existing asphalt. For more information on micro-surfacing, please visit Microsurfacing « Paved Road Preservation and Rehab « ACP Applied Products.

“No Park” signs will be placed the day prior to application in your area. Please obey all signs and traffic control personnel during construction. After application, there will be a curing time of ~4 hours. During this time, access to your driveway will be blocked. It is important to not drive on the fresh micro-surfacing while it is curing as it will damage the road and could track onto your driveway.

Crack Sealing Schedule

August 29th – September 9th


Boulder Boulevard10-11, 17-18 September
Hendrie Drive/ Brookview Way8-9, 12 September
Westerra Drive12-16 September

Boulder Boulevard Business Access Closures

September 10TBA
September 11TBA

Hendrie Drive / Brookview Way RV Parking

September 6TBA
September 7TBA
September 8TBA
September 9TBA

Dates are subject to change. Please check back frequently for updates.

For urgent matters, please contact:

Andrew McKay, Micro Surfacing : (604) 354-5885

Tyler Kushminder, Crack Sealing : (780) 719 – 5928